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Falling from the sky

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March 7, 2020


The small jet turned a few degrees left, then rose two thousand feet before banking slightly to the right.

I looked up from my work as we flew up and around a massive angry looking storm cloud.  I thought about the three small smooth moves that had just happened and what a big difference it would have been if we hadn’t.

Then I thought,

What if we each lived our life like an expert pilot flying a private jet through every kind of weather and condition?

We don’t, but what if we did?

The jet pilot recognizes what’s going on and knows to request permission from air traffic control to maneuver above a dark cloud filled with heavy wind, ice, hail, to turn the turn the wing warmers on to melt ice.  They know to recognize avoid dangerous updrafts and oncoming traffic.

-We need the same skills but most of us don’t have them.

Instead, we seem to unconsciously, almost magnetically get drawn into a negative conversation with a negative person and feel our energy and focus drain away.  Or we allow a negative thought or feeling to hijack us as it turns into an imaginary evil and our mood and productivity tank as we miss positive opportunities that were right in front of us.

But what if we didn’t?

In order to experience an elevated lifestyle we’d have to adopt a different view and habit for how we recognize, avoid, deflect, and sidestep negativity before it consumes us and makes us live and play small.

Problem is that most of us don’t recognize it until we fly into the turbulence.

But if we could –

just long enough to get our bearings –

everything can change.

How could we simply learn to recognize how it starts?

Someone approaches you with that look (you know the look, everyone has their tells), or with a comment – it’s like verbal click bait – like “You’re not going to want to hear this…” or “I hate to ruin your day….” “They did it again…”

-Sometimes the better they know you the quicker your buttons get pushed.

It’s the split-second awareness – recognizing the storm cloud for what it really is – and your reaction that charts your life experience.

Here’s what I’m working on.

Learning to recognize, “Ah ha!  It’s a storm cloud!”

Right there, that split second recognition – is improving, definitely work in progress.

When I recognize, what happens next is a choice.

I ask myself, “How do I want this to end?”  Do I fly into it or or do I fly around it?  What else do I need to do get where I want to go?

What about you?

What are some cues you can work on recognizing just a bit quicker.

And when you do, how can you fly around the storm cloud?

Hit reply and let me know what you’re thinking.

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