If you could select a dream team of peak performance coaches it would be the team we have assembled at Cooper Strategic. In addition to Robert Cooper, our team includes handpicked leaders and operators—Tier One Navy SEALs, fighter pilots, and a Naval Special Warfare Command mission planning specialist, and world-record-setting athletes. for example—along with others who have been forged by the fire of intense experiences as entrepreneurs and leaders, including the strategist labeled “Mr. Creativity” and a “Serial Innovator” by The Economist, the co-creator and co-founder of the Disney Institute and Experience, and many more.

1:1 Executive Coaching
With Robert Cooper

Available to a few selected leaders and entrepreneurs each year.

Tier One Peak
Performance Coaching
With Cooper Strategic Team Members

These individualized and team coaching engagements incorporate our apex operating system blueprints, tools, and tactics, combined with each coach’s tested learning, mission focus, and world-class experience in helping each unique client make more of the right decisions in today’s fast-changing, challenging circumstances—and enabling them to win more of the right opportunities.