Putting Pro Tools in YOUR Hands

Senda Sites is a DIY Website solution for EVERYONE.

Senda Sites was developed by professional web developers, designers, marketers and SEO specialists with their favorite tools and toys to make great websites. Our goal is to not be a website builder like the many other drag and drop sites out there but to be better and take the chains off businesses and organizations and give them unlimited access to the tools they need to create high-performance websites.

We’ve put together custom configurations that we have found to be successful in our experience and are offering them to you so you can get a jump start on setting your site on the right track.

From Jeremy Francis – Founder

Good Work, Supporting Good Works…

Senda Sites is a project that has been developed over several years. Senda Sites was started as a way to support my family’s humanitarian work with displaced people and young families in need.

In 2005 we launched an outreach project to work with poor families and orphanages in Mexico. The project was fully funded by donations until 2007 when economic conditions caused our donor base to dry up pretty quickly. At that time we had to choose between walking away from the outreach or finding a way to fund it on our own.

We chose the second path and Senda Sites was born.

Senda means “pathway” in spanish. We want to help people navigate the, often confusing, wilderness of small business marketing.

The Senda Sites Project is still going today and is still funding our outreach projects as we gear up to move into new areas and other countries.

Your business helps us do more good work around the world, and we thank you for it.

If you’d like to know more about our outreach projects, check out JNKFrancis.com.

If you want to know more about me as a developer check out my personal site jeremyfrancis.dev